In the market for a new roof? Here’s a roofing contractor checklist!

To stay comfortable and safe at home, you need a strong roof; it’s the part of the house that filters the outdoors, giving you a more controlled environment indoors. Eventually…most likely a short time from now…you’ll need a replacement; most roofs have very limited lifespans. Here’s a quick list of criteria to consider when searching […]

Advantages of Metal Roofing

It’s a new day, when regular day-to-day operations that have worked for years aren’t quite as effective they once were. In more recent years, companies have been coming out with revolutionary new ways for cars to notice obstacles before drivers do, people to queue up movies on TVs anytime with no disc, and gaming consoles […]

Kenosha Roofing Terms

Those who specialize in a certain field know more about it than anyone else in the world. And typically, the difference is fairly large. So if you need a major roofing adjustment or replacement, you want to be sure what you get is what you want, not just what you think you want, right? You […]

Winterizing your Roof

No season shakes a town up quite like winter. It’s especially cruel if your town is next to one of the Great Lakes, like Kenosha is; if there’s a heavy enough breeze floating across the lake, a town like Kenosha can collect snow at a rapid pace. Rooftops certainly take the brunt of the weather, […]

Preventing Ice dams in Kenosha WI

Not only can what goes on outside a house affect the inside, the reverse is true as well. Any warm air in an attic will drift toward the underside of the roof above, causing the snow on top to melt and drip over the edges. Every little bit of snow on the roof increases the […]

Roofing Starter Strips

Should I pay a little more and use a factory starter strip on my new roof? A Starter strip is your first line of defense to keep shingles from blowing off roof. It is the first layer of shingle material installed over the underlayment. It is important because they are the most vulnerable shingles to […]