Winterizing your Roof

No season shakes a town up quite like winter. It’s especially cruel if your town is next to one of the Great Lakes, like Kenosha is; if there’s a heavy enough breeze floating across the lake, a town like Kenosha can collect snow at a rapid pace. Rooftops certainly take the brunt of the weather, being exposed all times while protecting the safety of your house.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

It may be much more convenient to just sit back and say “Qué sera, sera”, but ultimately, that decision might turn out to be more costly. It’s not that complicated to adjust your house so your roof will perform optimally in the winter months; you can do just a few simple things and leave all the big stuff up to a professional contractor. Here are some specific ways to make your home winter-friendly:

  • Check and see if anything’s lodged in any of the exterior pipes. If anything’s left sitting in a pipe, water from the roof can get stuck and dampen the interior and exterior.
  • Remove all branches hanging above the house; if there are still some there when there’s a lot of snow on the roof, they could shatter it if they fall down.
  • Give your home precise insulation; the conditions of the inside can reflect on the outside. Determining the best settings can be complicated, so ask a contractor about that.
  • If you have shingle roofing, make sure all damaged shingles get fixed and any missing ones get replaced. This requires climbing up on the housetop and using specialized materials, so spare yourself the danger and leave that up to a contractor.

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