Kenosha Roofing Terms

Those who specialize in a certain field know more about it than anyone else in the world. And typically, the difference is fairly large. So if you need a major roofing adjustment or replacement, you want to be sure what you get is what you want, not just what you think you want, right?

You want to really understand what you’re agreeing to, that way no problems startle you or make your home life tougher than it was before you got the service. Here are a few popular roofing terms to help you get on the same page as your contractor:

  • Decking (or sheathing)– The surface connected to the undersides of the shingles or panels.
  • Eaves– The parts of the roof that stretch beyond the walls of the house.
  • Flashing– The material surrounding the edges of the roof for protection from water damage.
  • Panels– The individual “ridges” of a metal roof.
  • Rake– The edge between the eave and the tip-top of the roof.
  • Rafters– The interior foundation that holds the main surface in place.
  • Shingles– The individual “tiles” of a traditional roof.
  • Soffit– The layer connected directly to the house’s walls to regulate air flow.
  • Valley– The point where two slanted surfaces meet.