In the market for a new roof? Here’s a roofing contractor checklist!

To stay comfortable and safe at home, you need a strong roof; it’s the part of the house that filters the outdoors, giving you a more controlled environment indoors. Eventually…most likely a short time from now…you’ll need a replacement; most roofs have very limited lifespans. Here’s a quick list of criteria to consider when searching for a roofing contractor:

  • References– Nowadays, more than ever, company websites have pages full of reviews, also referred to as, “testimonials.” In these reviews, past customers open up about what it was like for them to receive service from these companies. They write about how the providers communicated, how they performed, and how the work impacted them.
  • Insurance– Even the most knowledgeable and experienced people have plenty of learning ahead. Everyone can try to avoid issues, but once in a while, some unexpected problem will occur. This may not happen when you get a roofing service, but just in case, make sure your contractor has paperwork confirming they have a solid insurance policy.
  • Specifications– To be a reliable roofer, it takes more than hardware proficiency. A roofer must understand the design of what they’re working with. Every roofing manufacturer saves back the blueprints from all their design projects so potential customers can see all the details before agreeing to buy. Only when someone knows all these details can they install or remove the roof properly. Ask your roofer to show you blueprints for the roof you’re getting rid of and the new one you’re receiving.