Kenosha Roofers Guide

Is your Roof getting old and tired?

Here are some warning signs that it’s a good idea to start doing your homework into finding a competent roofing contractor, and getting value choices of materials.

Visual signs that it’s time to be proactive and avoid bigger problems in the near future.

Cupped or curled shingles from excessive heat Uplifted shingles from wind damage or ice
Bald Spots from wear or time Cracked from expansion or hail and trees

Other Warning Signs

  • Moisture on the under decking of your roof
  • Water spots on your ceilings
  • Missing Shingles
  • Large piles of granules at the ends of your downspouts
  • Your neighbors are getting new roofs. If your home was built in the same time period, chances are they are precursor of what you will be facing in the near future.
  • Your roof just looks old and worn.
  • You know your roof is more than 20 years old and your attic wasn’t ventilated properly.
  • Moss and algae have been accumulating in large areas or clumps.

O.K., You have made the decision to add value and style to your home and keeping your ceiling intacked.

Choosing the right Kenosha roofing contractor is just as important as choosing the right shingles!

Ounce you have decided to replace your roof, the right Kenosha contractor is the critical decision most homeowners have to make. Unless you have roofing experience you have to rely on the roofing contractor you select, keep in mind that not all roofing contractors are good ones.

Most damaged roofs fail to negligence, weather, or a poor first time installation and inferior materials, or normal wear and tear from age. A real pro is the only way to give you an idea of what has taken place on your roof.

You will be dependent on their skills to inspect your home and advise you of the best roofing types and ventilation needs. Confused? Here are some tips.

Become an informed consumer, learn about roofing. An informed consumer is the Kenosha contractors’ best customer.

  • Look for the contractor with an outstanding reputation. Check their references, ask your neighbors, friends at work, contact a few of them.
  • Ask for proof that your Kenosha roofing contractor has adequate insurance coverage.
  • Go for the roofing contractor that has an experienced staff. Don’t become enamored by attractive deals or discounts offered by different companies. Instead, check with different agencies like the BBB before making a final decision. Roofing isn’t cheap; invest your time well in doing the research and hire a contractor that will give you honest value.
  • Having a good idea about roofing types, helps before you talk to a contractor. Then you can ask about the differences and about the advantages or disadvantages of each type.
  • The Kenosha roofing contractor you select will be able to give you detailed information about the roofing they are experts in. If the contractor professes to be an expert in all types of roofing, start running.
    • Never make a decision by talking over the phone. Visit their office and talk with the staff.
    • Get current references and call on the references and actually see the completed jobs.
    • If you got this far, the rest is common sense. Written contract, materials list, completion date and so on.

Kenosha has many competent roofing contractors, if you follow the tips above you can feel confident of a great outcome.