Kenosha Roofing Basics

Kenosha Roofing Basics

Understanding the basics will help you have an intelligent conversation with your Kenosha roofing contractor. Having a firm understanding of what is envolved will reduce your stress level and chances of making a costly mistake.

The most used shingle of today is the asphalt shingle.
What is common in all roofing is that there are several layers that work together as a system. Each layer of roof deck contributes to resisting weather.

Wind and Rain
All roofing systems rely on an overlap to shed water and resist wind uplift. Asphalt shingles are nailed to each other and to the roof deck. Additional weatherproof insurance is provided by strips of factory-applied adhesive. The adhesive is heat-sensitive, which makes the shingles self-sealing.

How Much Roofing Material You Need
Shingles are calculated in “squares,” or units of 100 sq. ft. The per-square weight of roofing materials can vary signifi­cantly. That’s true even for asphalt shingles. Lighter versions with a core of fiberglass mat might be 200 pounds per square; heavy felt-based types can weigh 425 pounds.

Asphalt Shingle Alternatives

Clay Tile
Popular in the West, Southwest and in Florida, clay tile lasts nearly forever.
Used in the Northeast and Northwest, cedar shingles or shakes can go 40 years before being replaced.
Steel Panel
Used all over the country, the composition is actually steel-plated with a zinc-tin alloy known as terne. Other panels are coated with a high-tech paint system. Better grades last for several decades, or even a century.